Preparing your cup of Ceremonial Cacao

Used ceremonially alone or in a group, it helps us connect with our heart, experience inner peace, love and connection with
nature. Here we share our favourite recipe!
Preparing your cup of Ceremonial Cacao:
Make sure your mind is clear and quiet. Establish a purpose or intention for your ceremony and keep it in mind while
preparing the cacao.
Our basic recipe (1 portion)
25g of Ceremonial Cacao
1 cup of water
A pinch of salt , chille and spices of your choice.
1 teaspoon of agave, honey or coconut sugar.
Boil the water, mix all the ingredients together and enjoy it with love!

Suggested uses:

  • For ceremonies, meditations or holistic practices.
  • Excellent to replace coffee in the morning.
  • Before a sports routine as an energizer.
  • As a magic ingredient for confectionery and making chocolates, cakes, truffles, etc.
  • On fresh fruit for a special touch to your breakfasts .

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