Our Vision

The Cacao Goddess promotes the ancestral practice of honouring Cacao as a Ceremonial plant that help us connect with our heart and expand our consciousness 

Our vision is to share the best Ceremonial Cacao 100% Pure of Venezuelan and Peruvian Origin in Spain, Europe, United Kingdom and the rest of the world as a valuable tool for holistic retreat centers, wellness centers, healers, yogis, ceremony facilitators as well as individuals who wish to experience the different benefits of this powerful plant!


Our History

La Diosa del Cacao is the initiative of its founder Daniela Oliveros.

Born in Venezuela, in the South of the Lake, she has a deep passion and connection with Cacao given her origin and cultural connection with the plant. 

With 11 years of experience facilitating Cacao Ceremonies in United Kingdom, Europe, Central and South America, Daniela's mission and vision is to share the ancestral properties of the Ceremonial Cacao as a magical and medicinal plant.

Her love for Cacao has led her to travel, explore, discover and taste various varieties and cacao crops from different indigenous peoples and countries such as Mexico (in the regions of Tabasco, Chiapas and Oaxaca) Guatemala (near Lake Atitlan) Colombia ( Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Natural Park) and of course his native Venezuela, where he spent time immersing himself in the magic, folklore and ancestral origin of the crops on the coast of the Aragua state (Chuao, Ocumare de la Costa, Choroni), Amazonas and Zulia State (South of the Lake)

Daniela has worked and experimented with ceremonial cacao in different ways, using it both to make and create a wide variety of vegan chocolates and pralines such as cakes and sweets.

Our Values

Share Ceremonial cacao 100% Pure, from a conscious production respecting its processes such as roasting, grinding and packaging.

Promote respect and appreciation for Mother Earth as a source of the beautiful fruits of this plant.

Celebrate the indigenous and ancestral cultures that have cared for and preserved cacao crops on their lands.

Promote the use of Ceremonial cacao for ceremonies and rituals.

Our love and respect for nature and all the ecosystems that support human beings.


Cacao helps local farmers by allowing them to live off their crops and have economic independence.

As well as maintaining the connection with their lands and their traditional way of life. 

Cacao helps maintain and restore the environment, produced in an agroforestry system that is combined with native plants